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Everything you should know about Malvani Masala

The secret behind Ruchkar Malvani Masala. Have you ever wondered why dishes served at Malvani restaurants are soooo tasty? Yes, we are talking about 'Kolambicha rassa' or 'Tisrya masala'. What makes Malvani seafood so delicious? The secret is Malvani masala.  Now you'd want to make malvani masala at home, and you may google 'malvani masala recipe'. Instead of putting in all that effort, try our Ruchkar Malvani masala. Our malvani masala has been a popular product for decades. So it's high time to try if you haven't used it yet.  The secret ingredients of Malvani Masala. Malvani masala is a unique blend of spices commonly used in Malvan taluka, a place in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Malvani masala is a...

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