Dr. Manasi has one thing important to share with you this women's day.

Dr. Manasi has one thing important to share with you this women's day.

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The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, agree. But what about women who are out at workplaces and spend lesser time in winning men's hearts with delicious and ruchkar preparation?

Well, it is the right time that men take matters in their hands.

From being full-time wives and mothers to associates and bosses at work, today's women are present everywhere. So, this women's day, reach out to the hearts of WOMEN through their stomachs with some homely food.

Visit or call Ruchkar to choose from a variety of healthy food items that women will surely love. Mention less oil, steamed and boiled varieties and they are in for a yummy ride.

women staff celebration.

Why Celebrate This Special Day?

March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day to acknowledge the contributions of women in all spheres of life. While it is easier to honour the women in your family, it takes more effort to do the same for your juniors at work. In fact, they have a growing importance in companies and offices and thankfully, this is better recognized today.

women's day Tathastu women's hospital

Dr Manasi Dabholkar, a consultant at Tathastu Women's Hospital has put it in rightly. She says The women of today will determine the world of tomorrow. Let's all make them healthier and wiser.

 Do you know that more women in an office make it a desirable place to work? Like they are good at handling the finances at home, women have a vital role in a company's financial performance too. More productivity, more profit, better talents, and the list is endless. There is no better time to show your gratitude to female colleagues and acknowledge their efforts than the women's day.

women's day

So this March 8, women's day, surprise your team with snacks or meals from Ruchkar. We believe in the keyword 'healthy', and you can bet women love healthy food. Forget the usual samosas and jalebis and delve into varieties found nowhere else.

Why this staff of Tathastu Women's Hospital, love food from Ruchkar.

Ruchkar presents an array of assorted snack boxes that boast of the homeliest food you can ever relish. From Paneer Dhokla to Kothimbir Vadi to Moong idlis, our team is happily experimenting with local ingredients to make the boxes heartwarming. No doubt, they are an instant hit with customers.

Tathastu Women Hospital Staff With Dr. Manasi Dabholkar

Being at top positions, like Dr Manasi and Dr Rahul busy taking care of their female patients, if you have no time to plan and organize a party for your female counterparts on their special day, place an order with us. The snack boxes can be customized for your staff to make them more welcoming. If what you have in mind is a day-long celebration, then you can choose from a meal or biryani trays that are both authentic and filling.

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The food is cooked at our place and delivered to you in excellent packing. We ensure on-time delivery and less mess at your location. Whether you want us to plan the menu or pack them for you, we are at your service.

You can reach us at 9821237947 or visit our website https://www.ruchkar.in. We deliver anywhere in Mumbai. Just place an order, and we will be at your doorstep with the most delicious party food in town.

So, come gift a day of happiness and surprises to the women who work for you.

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