Collection: Snacks In Box

Have you heard of Richard Branson? The British business magnate and founder of virgin group. He once shared his success mantra. He said customers do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, then employees will take care of your customers, your business. It is valid in all sectors. Whether it is a day to day activities or special events or meetings, employee needs should be fulfilled.

 It is observed that food plays a significant role in the productivity of meetings.  If you have good food, the team tends to take fewer breaks during the meeting and works on ideas. Tasty food makes the ideas flow, makes meetings desirable and conferences memorable.

But most team leaders, executives face a tedious and daunting task of menu planning, ordering and equally annoying task of cleaning up after the meetings. There has to be an alternative. There has to be an option for managers, team leaders, executives to stay focused on meetings and not to worry about food.

We have come up with a solution. We offer assorted snack boxes that are well suited for the company meetings. Snacks are prepared and packed hygienically at our facility and transported to your location in time. Not only for meetings, but team leaders are also now ordering these boxes to celebrate staff birthdays, project completion, acquisitions, completing milestones, training workshops, seminars, conferences. 

To manoeuvre through the complex, stressful project presentation here is a tip in menu planning. Keep your food less oily, pay more attention to steamed, boiled varieties.

Of course, we have many healthy, less oil varieties of snacks, desserts, sweets, chips to pack your box with. These snacks come with side accompaniments like green chutney, white chutney. We can customize spice levels as you want. Many जैन varieties are also available for special requests. An array of delicious food ensures that you get a different menu each day.

If your event is of long duration, we can offer handy lunch, meal and biryani trays also. The main reason why our clients are so fond of us is the variety we offer. 

Have you heard of Shahi Dhokla, Diamond Samosa, Pizza Dhokla, Makhan Thalipith?

Most probably not. But these are regular offering on our menu. Our experienced, skilled, innovative team is always researching for unique products to tickle your tongue. These snacks are so novel that when these items were served at annual general meetings or conferences, people have remembered conferences for the food. Also, the packaging is attractive and convenient to carry around. Even if you are thinking of elaborate, live buffet counter, we can plan and execute the same. 

So focus on your goals and leave the catering part for us to take care. Call Ruchkar. We are nurturing the homely taste for the last 15 years. Now we can bring it to your workplace. 

Here are a few varieties of snack boxes. This collection is updated continuously. For an enquiry click on Get Your Quote button or call/ WhatsApp 9821237947