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Snacks In Box (SIB-357)

Snacks In Box (SIB-357)

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Contents: (clockwise starting from box shown)

Box, Makai Corn Chivda, Paneer Dhokla, Chatni Container, Paneer Vati, Churma Ladu, Batata Vada.

For customize Snacks Box option...Kindly visit the Ruchkar store.


Condition apply*

The snacks in box are generally to be consumed within two hours of packing.

We may opt for not include green chatni depending upon the climatic condition to care for the health of consumers.

The item which are fillers like Dhokla, mini idli, Kothimbir Vadi, Aluvadi etc. can not exactly be counted by weight for each box. You may find fewer pieces in some boxes and more in others. But we always match the quantity that you have paid for as a whole.

The products cannot be packed steaming hot  as the water from evaporation may damage other products and box. Products are always cooled off to little low temp. then packed.

Chatni sachets can be of a branded company or in house prepared depending upon availability.

The rate at the time of booking may differ.

The images given are for illustration purpose only.. Final products and box may differ in colour and size


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