Namaste, thank you very much for your response for Diwali Faral. Now we are coming up with exciting new products. हलव्याचे दागिने ...yes Sankrant Jewellery for your loved ones. Also there are new products in winter collection and to welcome new year. So please stay tuned, we are happy to serve you.

14th January ie Makar sankrant is just few days away and it gives us immense pleasure to introduce Sankrant Halva Dagine also known as हलव्याचे दागिने. These are made for year old kids and for newly married couples and are worn on their first sankrant.This is fine art made by old ladies with lot of efforts for perfection. Photos of your loved ones wearing Mangalsutra, मंगळसूत्र, Patli, पाटली, Necklace, Kamarpatta, कंबर पट्टा, Challa, छल्ला, Nath, नथ, Zumke, झुमके, Bindi, बिंदी is treasure of good memories for years to come.

With our overall demand for products in the vicinity & nearby areas, we stand as one of the highest selling Sankrant Jewellery maker in Western Suburbs of Mumbai. Not just in the town but the overall increase in demand Pan India eg Bangluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Gujarat, Delhi, and across world like USA, UK, Hongkong, Asian Countries, Canada and many more...

For any queries feel free to whatsapp or call +9198 2123 7947