3 easy tips to make this mothers day memorable.

3 easy tips to make this mothers day memorable.

We have entered in the third phase of lockdown, and no respite is seen anywhere near. Many of our celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries were wrapped up short without much jollification.

 And now is the question mark. How to celebrate the mothers day?

Mothers day


Why should we not forget mother's day?  

Lockdown or no lockdown, there is no rest for mothers in the families. They are still stuck with their daily routine of cooking, cleaning and even purchasing daily needs.

 Also, working women are now facing with the task of working from home along with ever-increasing demand of " give me something to eat, I am hungry" from kids and grown-ups as well.

working mother


Check this easy but useful tips to celebrate Mothers day. 

1. Express your true feelings.

Hug to a mother

It is not a cake or colours that make the day memorable. Your feelings towards the person are most important. It is said in Indian culture the true feelings are not properly shared or expressed.  

My tip to you is, go ahead and give that big hug to your mother and say how much you love her. Share and recollect the past happy moments. Tell her about her good qualities. And thank her for everything, literally everything. 

2. Help her in her daily chores.

Mother day cooking

Not only expressing the feelings but helping her in her daily routine will add a real smile to her face. Even a small habit of washing your utensils after use will help her to rest more and enjoy her day. 

3. Cook something for her.

It is a cherry on the top of the cake. If you find a simple recipe and can cook for her without creating a mess in the kitchen, then go for it. This tip will make her day. Simple Do It Yourself flour will help you to cook her favourite dish fast. We at Ruchkar have Kulith Pith, a Do It Yourself flour in stock. 

Kulith pith, one product for many recipes.

Kulith pith

Two main processes, dehusking and stone grinding make our Kulith pith or horse gram flour special. We procure it from the land of horse gram, i.e. Konkan. You can make kulithache Kalan, or ulavacharu or hot and spicy shengole. 

Don't you know how to cook?

kulith pith

No worries.

Who on earth would be happier to help than your mother? Ask her for secret masala and her recipe and together cook these healthy, nourishing dish. I bet, the time spent with your mother in the kitchen will be most happy moments for her in these days. 

Ruchkar Kulith pith is available at our shop only on prebooking. For Ruchkar Kulith pith and other many tasty available products for lockdown, please click and visit our website Ruchkar and prebook. It will help you to avoid the crowd, spend less time on the streets and come home early because your mother is waiting for you there. 

Stay Home Stay Safe with your mother.

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