Horsegram (Kulith): A time-tested superfood.

Horsegram (Kulith): A time-tested superfood.

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Eat healthily

Two months ago, when the new year rolled in, we all made resolutions. Some of us wanted to eat better or work-out better. Now we realise that the monotony is setting in. For instance, we are probably eating the same-old protein sources – maybe it is a protein shake that leaves a metallic taste or daal from office canteen or a reluctantly cooked omelette for dinner. We are looking for a different option!


Horsegram flour

Horse gram as a protein source

Introducing the new (but good old) Indian superfood–Horse gram. It is also commonly known as Kulith or Hulga or Ulava or Muthira or Kollu. As compared to other pulses such as moong, a well-cultivated variety of horse gram has higher protein content. It has up to 28% of protein and hence, rightly deserves the title ‘super pulse’. Along with proteins, horse gram also has high fibre content, which is essential for heart health and colon health. Additionally, it is a good source of iron and calcium.

Kulith pithale


Perhaps the most popular recipe of horse gram is Kulithache kalan or Ulavacharu, a soup typically made in the winter season. Or maybe the hot and spicy ‘shengole’ curry. The debate will continue. We can all agree that using horse gram flour variety of dishes can be made. For instance, we can make Idli, Dosa, Shev, Pithala, Paratha, and even desserts such as ladus or bobattulu (sweet stuffed roti). But the list doesn’t end here as chefs or homemakers get creative. Soft crumbly breakfast cookies made from horse gram are easy to store and carry.


roasted and unroasted kulith horsegram

Quality is not an accident.

For these delicious recipes, good quality horse gram flour is needed. Horse gram flour found in ordinary grocery stores often lacks nutrients as it is ground in a commercial mill. Moreover, since the outer husk might not be removed, horse gram flour turns bitter. Stone-grinding preserves all the nutrients and flavours from grains and pulses. But given the automation in our society today, it is hard to find good quality, stone ground horse gram flour. We wish that someone could get us a packet of stone-ground horse gram flour from our native village.

 stone grinder

At Ruchkar, your wish is our command. We have stone-ground horse gram flour readily available in packs of 200 gram. We put in all the effort so that you can enjoy a high-quality product. The flour is prepared in Konkan using traditional methods. Horse gram is first roasted, bitter husk (outer black covering) is removed and then ground at home using stone grinders.

Just stop by our Charkop, Kandivali (W) location to pick up a pack before it gets out-of-stock. Our friendly staff can share a tip or two if this is your first time to cook with horse gram flour.

Or click here to order through our website and we will deliver the packet at your doorstep anywhere in India. After all, we are committed to supporting your health resolutions.


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Your blogs are simply awesome, your knowledge about horse gram is perfect. Great Ruturaj proud of you. You deserve to be owning Brand Ruchkar .

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