3 ways to enjoy Ruchkar Metkut.

3 ways to enjoy Ruchkar Metkut.

Metkut and Rice

Hot sticky rice, pure ghee, and a generous amount of flavourful Metkut! But what is ‘Metkut’? It is a dry condiment- a powder made from pulses, spices such as cumin, dry ginger, turmeric and cloves. Metkut-bhat is a great substitute for monotonous rice-daal. Metkut is a recipe from traditional Maharashtrian cuisine but is also popular in Karnataka as ‘Menthe hittu’.

 Handponded rice and metkut

Metkut-bhat is a simple delicious preparation can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. It is an easy, healthy weeknight dinner. Or you can have it whenever rice is ready. Loss of appetite is a common symptom associated with diseases like cough, cold, or fever. Often metkut-bhat is given to the sick as it helps to improve their appetite and is nutritious.


Metkut Dangar

Dangar is a side dish commonly served instead of ‘raita’. It is almost impossible to mess up metkut dangar. Mix metkut with a generous amount of curd and temper it with ghee. Toss in some green chilli and cilantro (coriander leaves) for additional freshness. Metkut dangar is a tasty accompaniment in a Maharashtrian meal.


Metkut dangar can also be used in fusion foods. For instance, metkut dangar can serve as an excellent spread or dip. Toast a slice of fresh, whole wheat bread and spread a dollop of metkut dangar on it. Or serve it as a dip on a ‘chips and dip’ platter. It pairs well with our Ruchkar Rajiyali kela chips, Potato chips, or even butter chakli.


Metkut with Pohe

To give an interesting twist to routine pohe (puffed rice) or chivda, add couple teaspoons of Ruchkar metkut. What an easy way to make pohe yummier! Some folks like to add metkut to ‘dadape pohe’, a raw pohe dish made with coconut and tempering. Metkut can be added to a variety of dishes; it’s time to let your culinary creativity flow. (You wouldn’t believe us if we told you some folks add metkut to couscous, a Moroccan dish).


To make all these tasty items, where can one find authentic ‘metkut’?



Ruchkar Metkut

Try Ruchkar metkut. Our metkut is made from the finest pulses and is not too spicy. A little tingling taste from ginger and clove opens up your taste buds. Our tasty metkut might bring your appetite back. Although we do not recommend hoarding any food items, keep couple packets of metkut handy while COVID-19 pandemic is in its full swing.

 Metkut spices

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