An idea to change your simple menu to a feast.

An idea to change your simple menu to a feast.

Puran Poli, the star attraction.

As a kid, most of us were not enthusiastic about household chores. Organizing books, helping with washing dishes or bikes etc. were all boring tasks. But one task that we would eagerly await was grinding ‘Puran’ or the sweet chana dal filling. Grinding puran on a steel food mill meant one thing – today Puran Poli will be made for lunch.

Puran Poli Mill

For Holi festival, this wait would be a bit longer until dinner. Puran Poli was meant as a ‘naivedya’ or offering to the Holi bonfire.


Puran Poli is a traditional Maharashtrian dish. Puran Poli is a sweet, fluffy flatbread made from so-called savoury ingredients such as wheat flour and chana dal with sugar or jaggery. The flavours are further enhanced by a dash of cardamom or nutmeg.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is baked on a griddle (Tava) or an upside-down earthen pot. Although the recipe may slightly vary, it is made in other parts of India too. Depending on the region, it is also known as Vedmi or Ubbatti or Holige or Bobattalu or Parappu.

 puran poli vedmi

The star attraction

The showstopper or the star attraction of a Maharashtrian festive meal is undoubtedly Puran Poli. In a traditional meal, Puran polis served with potato bhaji, lentil curry or katachi aamti, chutneys, cucumber dip or ‘koshimbir’, papad, and spicy tindora rice.

Puran poli

Although so many accompanying food items are served, the meal is remembered for the quality of Puran Poli served. Is it soft? Is it sweet enough or too sweet? Does the covering have layers? Does it look too pale? That’s a lot of pressure on a home chef.


Helping out in making Puran Poli as a kid was one thing. But now as a working professional making Puran Poli for friends and family seems like a daunting task. You wish you could simply outsource it.


Ruchkar Puranpoli

For this Holi festival, let Ruchkar prepare delicious Puran Poli for you. We use good quality ingredients, in particular wheat flour, so that you can enjoy a soft and delicious homemade Puran Poli.

Since Puran Poli is available for pick-up only, we encourage you to preorder it. When you come in for a pick-up, it will be ready for you.

Our Puran Poli packets have 2 pieces each. You can give your guests a packet or two for the road. Or carry it with you to work the next day for lunch. When you pre-order, we can have packs of dozen ready for you.

 Visit us on this address or call us today at 9821237947 to place your order.

 Puran Poli Holi

Now you can simply heat Puran Poli and serve. And don’t forget to add a generous amount of clarified butter or ghee just before eating to make it tastier. This Holi add more colour to your life and spend more time with your loved ones. Happy Holi!!


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