Churma laddu for healthy diet.

Churma laddu for healthy diet.

Ruchkar Churma ladu: Let’s forget “the diet”.

You may be familiar with the taste of Churma ladu already. Oftentimes, it is made for ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’, as an offering to Lord Ganesha.

If you google ‘churma ladu calories’, you might end up in a shock. This ladu is densely packed with energy, about 350 calories per piece. But it is so tasty that people ditch their diet for a day or two to enjoy Churma ladu. (Now, we do not recommend deviating from medically recommended diets and have other options for people who need low-calorie diets.)

Churma ladu is a healthy option for people who need high-calorie diets such as physically active individuals, athletes, growing kids, pregnant women, or new mothers.   

How to make Churma ladu?

Churma means crushed particles. To make churma ladu, coarse wheat flour is mixed with shortening or ‘mohan’ and then a soft dough is made by adding water. Next, small pieces of dough are fried in oil or ghee. These fried pieces are further crushed to make ‘Churma’. Then, ghee, poppy seeds, and jaggery are added to Churma to make ladus. A little bit of cardamom or nutmeg, few raisins can be added for garnishing. 

While making Churma ladu several things need to be kept in mind such as wheat flour must be coarse. Frying needs to be done at low or medium flame. Ghee added to churma must be the right amount or the ladu will become too oily (traditionally termed as ‘tupkat’).

Instead of this mumbo-jumbo, there is one easy way to have Churma ladu. Place your order of Ruchkar Churma ladu and we will take care of the rest.       

Ruchkar Churma ladu

Although Churma ladu originated in Rajasthan, a state in India, it has become popular all over India. Hence at Ruchkar, we prepare them for our customers.

Ruchkar Churma Ladus do not have added white sugar or vanaspati. Instead it is completely made with Jaggery and pure ghee.

Ruchkar Churma ladu are available in boxes of 6 ladus. These ladus have a shelf life of approximately a month. Since these ladus are relatively brittle, we recommend them for pick-up only. But if you need them to be sent by courier services, we are happy to do that too.   

We also have Churma Ladu available as a part of ‘Snack in box’. In the snack box, churma ladu is served as a dessert, along with other lunch food items. For corporate orders, email us at or call or WhatsApp on 9821237947. 

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