Everything you should know about Malvani Masala

Everything you should know about Malvani Masala

The secret behind Ruchkar Malvani Masala.

Have you ever wondered why dishes served at Malvani restaurants are soooo tasty? Yes, we are talking about 'Kolambicha rassa' or 'Tisrya masala'. What makes Malvani seafood so delicious? The secret is Malvani masala. 

Malvani Masala

Now you'd want to make malvani masala at home, and you may google 'malvani masala recipe'. Instead of putting in all that effort, try our Ruchkar Malvani masala. Our malvani masala has been a popular product for decades. So it's high time to try if you haven't used it yet. 

The secret ingredients of Malvani Masala.

Malvani masala is a unique blend of spices commonly used in Malvan taluka, a place in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Malvani masala is a mixture of about fifteen spices such as coriander seeds, cumin seeds, poppy seeds, mace, star anise, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric. 

 Malvani Masala Ingredients

The secret recipe of Malvani Masala.

These spices are first roasted on low heat for a long time. Then it is coarsely ground to make a powder. Additional spices such as nutmeg and asafoetida are then added to it to make an aromatic Malvani Masala. We use high-quality ingredients to make Ruchkar Malvani Masala, which is the main reason for its popularity.    

How to use Malvani Masala?

Malvani Thali

Add Malvani Masala to your Konkan-special non-vegetarian preparations such as Malvani fish curry, Malvani mutton rassa, or Malvani egg curry. These curries, usually made with coconut-based sauce, have a distinctive, aromatic flavour. The spice gives curries a spectacular bright red colour. These curries are traditionally made for special occasions or weekends and served with hot rice or roti.  

What if you can't make Malvani Masala.

But no need to feel disappointed if you prefer plant-based diets. Our vegetarian and vegan friends also use Malvani masala to make a variety of dishes. Malvani masala is a crucial ingredient in Cashew nut curry or Malvani pumpkin curry. Even a simple lady's finger bhaji can be made tastier by adding some Malvani masala to it.

 Kelphulachi Bhaji plantain flower

 We highly recommend using Ruchkar Malvani Masala for 'Kelphoolachi bhaji', a curry made out of plantain flowers. Since we make Malvani masala using traditional recipes, your curries will have authentic flavours of Malvan.   

Keep Ruchkar Malvani Masala handy all year round.

Malvani Masala

At Ruchkar, we have Malvani masala available all year round. Most of our customers like to buy in bulk and store a year's supply, in summer itself. It is available in packets of 100g and 250g. So call us and stop by our Charkop location today to pick up Ruchkar Malvani Masala. Alternatively, you can place an order online, pre-book and pick up to avoid the crowd at the shop. 

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