Kharvas – The sweet taste of health

Kharvas – The sweet taste of health


Sweets are mostly associated with festivals in India and especially so in Maharashtra, which celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with modaks, Diwali with anarse and chirote, Sankrant with tilgul and so on. But kharvas is sweet for all seasons and is available 365 days a year and 366 in leap years like 2020. So, nothing would hold you back from indulging the sweet-tooth on this awesome treat any time of the year. If you incline, at Ruchkar, we have got you covered. 


From cheek to kharvas

There was a time when the main ingredient of kharvas, called ‘cheek’ was available only with the milkman delivering milk at your home. He would bring the ‘cheek’ or ‘bovine colostrum’, the milk of a cow or buffalo within a day after she has calved. You had to buy it when he brought it as he would only bring it to select customers. The ‘cheek’ would then be steam-cooked in a water bath after adding jaggery or sugar to it. Cinnamon powder or saffron can also be added to give the resulting sweet a distinctive taste.


Jaggery and Sugar versions

Our kharvas is available in both jaggery and sugar versions. The two are different in taste and texture. Both versions need to be kept in a chiller and have a shelf life of a week.


Common man’s sweet

Compared with the more popular sweets, kharvas does not quite measure up to the likes of GulabJamun or Rosagulla in the fame department. Gulab Jamun traces its ancestry to royalty, according to popular legend. It was first prepared by Mughal emperor Shan Jahan’s chef, as claimed. Rasgulla, on the other hand, is associated with divinity, offered as bhog to Goddess Lakshmi at Jagannath Temple, Puri. However, the state of West Bengal has its claims on it. It claims that its ‘Bangla Rosogolla’ is different from “Odisha Rasagola” in various ways including preparation method, colour, taste etc. 


Winner in taste and nutrition


However, in the taste and nutrition department, the unassuming kharvas can more than hold its own against its famed rivals. The sweet taste of kharvas is described as unique, awesome, and divine. Also, since it is the first milk for the newborn, it is packed with nutrients. It is an excellent source of protein and helps children to keep away illness. It also helps prevent acne in adults and serves as an excellent pro-biotic to sustain gut bacterial diversity and maintain overall health. 


At Ruchkar, traditional, no-frills attached, recipe is used in the preparation. The procured cheek is always examined for its freshness. Ready Kharvas is stored at the right temperature to keep its freshness intact. So our customers always get the smooth texture, lingering taste and load of nutrients.

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