Have you checked this sweet to gift your loved one, this valentine day?

Have you checked this sweet to gift your loved one, this valentine day?

Mahim Halwa: A celebration of love.

Bombay Halva

On Valentine’s day, some celebrate love, while others love to celebrate. As social media continues to bombard us with advertisements, we debate whether to celebrate Valentine’s day or not. Yes, most of us want to make our loved one feel special; but on the other hand, everything seems too commercial, and too westernized.


Before gourmet chocolates were available, what was a gift for someone you love?


Here at amchi Mumbai, Mahim halwa has been that simple, tasty, and yet novel treat for a loved one! In popular folk songs like ‘Timkyachi choli’, a guy would promise to get Mahim halwa for his girl and lovingly threatens to hit her if she wouldn’t eat it. Although pressurizing a loved one to eat is now an outdated thing, Mahim halwa is still the in-thing. Gifting Mahim halwa is how Mumbai celebrated love on Valentine’s day or otherwise.


mahim halva

Just for you

Mahim halwa is a special treat not only for your loved one but also for you. So, if your Facebook relationship status is ‘it’s complicated’ or ‘single’, Mahim halwa is still a perfect companion to celebrate a warm cup of coffee. Mahim halwa adds sweetness to joyful moments like graduations, promotions, and birthdays. Or you could have it to cheer up yourself after your first challan for jumping a signal, first break-up, or when your boss gives additional tasks. Just any excuse will do.


Mahim halwa is not a calorie-dense dessert. One slice of Mahim halwa is a small square sheet, perhaps the size of a floppy disk (Ah, remember those?). It contains about 150 calories, which can be quickly burned by an hour of household chores or office errands. Oops, but it can be hard to stop after one slice.


Ice Halva

What makes it so yummy?

Mahim halwa, also known as Bombay halwa, is a delicious, and delicate dessert. This halwa is also called as Ice halwa as it is sprinkled with icing sugar. Some folks even call it paper halwa. Irrespective of its name, it will always taste yummy.


Mahim halwa is made from milk, sugar, clarified butter, and a bit of cornflour. The mixture and cooked and then rolled out into sheets. Traditionally, saffron is added to Mahim halwa to give its yellow hue. Nowadays, these thin sheets of sweets have different colours and flavours. Since Mahim halwa is quite brittle, it is often layered with butter paper in between the slices.


Mahim halwa at Ruchkar

Ruchkar has been preparing Mahim halwa for decades. We specialize in making excellent Mahim halwa as we use the finest ingredients. We have the best varieties like Ghee Kesar halwa (saffron flavour), Anjeer halwa (fig flavour), and Pineapple halwa. And a special gift for a special one would be our Dry fruit Mahimhalwa. Mahim halwa slices stay fresh for a month or two. Keep a packet or two in your office desk too. People outside Mumbai have specially visited us to get our Mahim halwa in bulk. Buy now and enjoy it for the next few weeks.


And yes, if you want to surprise your loved one, book through our website, and we deliver Mahim halwa to them anywhere in India.

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