Muramba and Chunda

Muramba and Chunda

Ruchkar Chunda and Ruchkar Muramba

Ruchkar Muramba

It's the beginning of summer! Raw mangoes are available in the market. Some of you have started preparing various side dishes such as ‘methamba’ (mangoes with fenugreek) or ‘kairichi daal’ or 'ambe daal' (gram daal with raw mangoes) using them.

But kids look forward to ‘Ambyacha Moramba’, while some like spicy-n-salty ‘Chunda’. Instead of hunting for a muramba or chunda recipe now, give Ruchkar Muramba and Ruchkar Chunda a chance to please your young one's today. 

Ruchkar Muramba

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Muramba is a preserve made from mangoes and sugar syrup. Needless to say, a good variety of mango makes a tasty preserve. Ruchkar Muramba is made from famous and delicious Rajapuri mangoes.

What makes Rajapuri mangoes the best choice for muramba? Its smooth texture. Since the mango has a smooth texture, muramba will almost melt in your mouth. Our preparation is not just sweet but has a hint of cardamom and cloves. Even adults will be happy to eat it. 

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Muramba goes well with any kind of Indian bread - roti, phulka, naan, or paratha. A hot roti with ghee and muramba can make a yummy lunch. But don’t limit muramba as a lunch option only.

A bread toast with butter and muramba is a great start to any day. Muramba is packed with calories and has vitamin C to boost the immune system. ‘Aam ka Murabba’ or the mango muramba is also used in Unani medicine for treating a variety of ailments. 

Ruchkar Chunda

Chunda is a traditional raw mango pickle made in Gujrat. It is sweet-spicy-n-tangy! All flavours just blend to make a unique combination. Ruchkar Chunda is made using traditional Chunda recipes and hence, is quite popular among all the family members. We use Kashmiri red chilli which gives a bright red colour, yet is not too spicy. 

Ruchkar Chunda

Ruchkar Chunda goes well with savoury Indian bread such as theplas, parathas, or khakra. Or add it on roti and make a roti roll. But our customers tell us - a spoonful of Ruchkar Chunda is quite a tasty addition to a bland meal for sick patients.

Just add Ruchkar Chunda to a plate of moong khichadi and ghee. It brings back the appetite, which helps in the recovery of patients. 

You can pick a few packets of Ruchkar Muramba and Ruchkar Chunda at our Charkop location today. They are available in small packets of 100g all year around. For more delicious products visit Ruchkar website here.
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