Telpoli, a Puran Poli with a twist.

Telpoli, a Puran Poli with a twist.

Telpoli: A Puran poli with a twist.

Holi Rangpanchami

Shimga or Holi festival is, in fact, a five-day celebration. Did you catch a glimpse of it in the famous movie Tanhaji? Remember the song ‘Maay Bhavani’! Holika Dahan or the bonfire marks the beginning of this festival and Rangpanchami or the day of colours marks its end. But no Holi celebration is complete without Telpoli, which is an exciting twist on Puran Poli recipe.


Puran Poli

What is Telpoli?

You might be familiar with Puranpoli. Puran Poli is a traditional Maharashtrian treat to satisfy our sweet tooth. With some variations in the recipe, Puran Poli is made in the other parts of India and known as Holige or Bobattalu or Parappu. Puran Poli is a unique dish that blends so-called savoury ingredients such as wheat flour and chana dal with sugar or jaggery to form a sweet flatbread.

Tel poli 

Telpoli is similar to Puranpoli but a tad yummier. Telpoli is rolled and roasted using a generous amount of oil. However, interestingly enough, telpoli does not turn out to be oily. Adding oil while roasting ensures that the ‘poli’ or the flatbread stays fresh for an extended period. It simply melts in your mouth when you eat it.    


Puran poli

Main course or a side?

Telpoli makes a perfect main course dish for the feast on Dhulivandan day. (Dhulivandan is the second day of Shimga festival). It goes well with spicy lentil curry ‘aamti’ or dry potato bhaji. But telpoli can even be a tea-time snack. Kids love telpoli in their tiffin boxes. Moms too love feeding kids telpoli due to its high protein content so necessary for a growing child.

 Telpoli making

Telpoli recipe is intricate. The dough needs to be kneaded so that the outer covering is thin and yet layered. The chana dal filling (Puran) needs to be of the right consistency, which will make it easier to roll out a flatbread. Due to so many considerations, some home chefs cringe at the thought of making Telpoli. But we got your back!   


Ruchkar Telpoli

This Holi festival, Telpoli, is available at Ruchkar. Our telpoli is made from a traditional recipe and rolled out by experienced chefs. The filling, the layered covering, the flavours, the sweetness everything is just right. Each pack has two telpoli, which makes it convenient to eat at home or the office or even on the train.

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