This sweet looking jewellery is actually made from sugar.

This sweet looking jewellery is actually made from sugar.

 Most awaited festival in January is Makar Sankrant. Delhites call it Sakraat, Gujaratis call it Uttarayan. Known as Pongal in Tamilnadu and Makara Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra. The name may be different but energy and enthusiasm in the celebration are high everywhere. 

Most fascinating ritual in this festival is wearing the jewellery made of Sugar balls. This prominently followed in Maharashtra and southern part of India. Crown, मुगुट, necklace, मंगळसुत्र, ring, नथ, waistband, मेखला, anklets, bangles, तोडे, वाकी name any ornaments, those are made using the sugar balls.

Do you want to know how these sugar balls are made? It is a very slow and time-consuming process. Poppy seeds or sesame seeds are mixed with sugar syrup and continuously sauteed on slow flame. After few hours you would get nicely spiked white small sweet balls. Those are continuously sauteed so the name हलवा  and these are spiked so the name काटेरी halva, and ornaments made from them are called हलव्याचे दागिने.

mangal sutra

These ornaments are made especially for newlywed couples or small kids. Ideally, the first Sankranti after a wedding or first Sankranti after the birth of a child is to be celebrated. The celebration is done on any suitable day from 15th January till Rathasaptami, रथ सप्तमी. In case you miss the first Sankrant, then you may celebrate the following year. But this is only done once it means it is only one chance to wear these ornaments. This is the reason why a lot of attention is given in design, colour combination, the form of jewellery.


At Ruchkar we have a special team who make these ornaments with care and creativity. Even the halva or sugar balls are made inhouse and from poppy seeds, so the balls are well shaped, neat and final ornaments/ jewellery is amazing.

You stay in any corner of the world, we can reach this jewellery to you. We pack them neat and secure and ship across India or worldwide. These are so securely and heavily packed that there is no damage to this delicate jewellery.

So even if you are anywhere in the world, adorn yourself or your loved ones with these ornaments/jewellery and let the world know more about this delicate and rare art.

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