Ukadiche Modak ... a fond memory.

Ukadiche Modak ... a fond memory.


‘Ukadiche Modak’ are not just steamed dumplings, but a fond memory for many of us. As a child, most of us have eagerly awaited Maghi Ganapati festival or the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the day when ‘ukadiche modak’ would be made.

It starts in the early morning.

freshly grated coconut

Even before the day dawned, folks at home would start scraping fresh coconuts, while someone would break jaggery into pieces. Grandmas would then cook coconut and jaggery together with a dash of cardamom to make a sweet, fragrant filling for modak. The delicious filling was then ready to be stuffed in rice dough.


Not as easy as it seems


Preparing a soft dough from rice flour is an art. Rice flour is added to boiling water and cooked until it thickens. Only a seasoned chef can knead this thick hot dough paste to make it ready for modak. The best time to craft modak is while the dough is lukewarm. In a well-made modak, the folds almost resemble petals of a jasmine flower. Then modaks are steamed on a banana leaf and now they are ready for an offering to Lord Ganesha.

 "Prasad" for everyone

Modak Naivedya Prasad

Traditionally, twenty-one modaks are offered to Lord Ganesha after prayers and they are then distributed among family members as ‘prasad’. Ghee or clarified butter pairs well with warm modak. An old tale mentions that Lord Ganesha was offered a variety of foods by Anusuya. But he felt full only after he ate an ‘ukadiche modak’.We all probably feel the same way. Although today many varieties of modak such as fried modak, chocolate modak are available, most of us still long for ‘ukadiche modak’. Ukadiche modak is well suited for a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet.


Will they remain a fond memory?


But today making modak seems like a daunting task. We end up debating with ourselves - Are we not going to familiarize next generations with our culinary traditions? This Maghi Ganapati festival, will modak remain a fond memory or will it be THE delicacy that we will share with our loved ones? Making modak does require pantry planning, culinary skills, and most importantly time management. It could take half a day to prepare ‘ukadiche modak’. As a busy professional or homemaker, it is difficult to find so many hours for making modak. And yet you wish to make twenty-one modak offering to Lord Ganesha.

 Your favourite modak now very near to you.

Now there is an easy way to have modak for Maghi Ganapati naivedya. Our experienced chefs make modak by traditional recipes handed down from generations. Book now by calling 9821237947 and pick up your order at our shop counter in Charkop Kandivali (W).


Make ‘Ruchkar’ a part of your celebrations. Bappa Morya!


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