Why you should eat Dink Ladu this winter?

Why you should eat Dink Ladu this winter?

Winter is the favourite season for many. It is obvious because it is not sweating as in summer and you don't need to face mud and water as in rain. But winter season itself is demanding. Many of you noticed a sudden increase in body weight in winter. This is because winter increases your hunger as your body requires more energy to keep it warm. 

It is always better to avoid oily fried food and indulge in healthy snacks. Dink ladu is one of the healthy snacks. It is a good source of energy as it contains Coconut, Dink (Edible gum from Dhava), Kharik  (Dried Dates), Khaskhas (Poppy seeds), Jaggery, Jaiphal (Nutmeg).

We at Ruchkar follow the perfect recipe to preserve the nutrients and same time to give it homely taste. The flowering of Dink or डिंक फुलवणे is one of the key processes in perfect Dink ladu. We do this in pure ghee and laddus are made in pure ghee too.

So go ahead and have a Dink ladu every day to keep winter blues away. Click HERE to know the price and order online.


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really nicely explained.

Sandeep raut

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