Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Are steamed modak made from rice flour?

       Yes, the outer cover is of rice flour.

     2. What is the stuffing made of?

   The stuffing of the modak are made of freshly grated coconut and jaggery. The stuffing is also mixed with cardamom powder.

       3. Can we eat those modaks on next day?

  These modaks are made from fresh coconut, the shelf life is of one day only. We do not suggest or recommend to eat it on next day even after keeping in fridge.

      4. Are these modaks fried?

  No, these are stemed modak. Popularly known as उकडीचे मोदक in Marathi.

     5. What if I dont get Modaks even after paying?

   These modaks are hand delivered by local courier boys. Till today 100% deliveries were perfectly done by them. In case the courier makes any mistake and doesnt deliver then we will pay the paid amount to you through the same payment channel you used to pay us.

    6. I want to talk to you or know more about it. I have different question and is not listed here.

 Well, you can call 9821237947 and talk to us or you can whatsapp your query on 9821237947. We may not answer in night time when our outlet is closed. Generally we will respond in a day. Whatsapp messages may take an hour or more to answer.

7. I want to pay cash to the delivery boy. Is it possible?

 I understand your concern but COD (Cash On Deliver) is not available. We are not giving it as it involves more expenditure. Rest assured your all the details are safe with renowned payment gateway razorpay on our site.

8. I am not able to pay online. What can I do?

This would be very rare case. In such case you can whatsapp me your order, how many modak you want and complete address for delivery. I will share a payment link on whatsapp through which you can pay and do booking. But please keep in mind that this process takes longer time and it has to be finished within the deadline ie 2 in the afternoon on previous day.

This require lot of work from our end too but we are happy to serve. You can whatsapp your order on 9821237947.

But anyway ordering and paying through website is seamless and very convenient process.

 9. Ok ..I want to book modak for home delivery now what should I do?

Thanks for your interest. Please CLICK HERE to book your order.