Book Ukadiche Modak for 1st Day of Ganapati Festival.

Ukadiche modak are must for prasad of Shri Ganesh. Book your steaming hot luscious Ruchkar Ukadiche Modak NOW to avoid last minute rush.

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Book Ukdiche (Steamed) Modak for 23rd August 2020

Book Ukdiche (Steamed) Modak for 23rd August 2020

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Traditionally, twenty-one modaks are offered to Lord Ganesha after prayers and they are then distributed among family members as ‘prasad’. Ghee or clarified butter pairs well with warm modak.

An old tale mentions that Lord Ganesha was offered a variety of foods by Anusuya. But he felt full only after he ate an ‘ukadiche modak’.We all probably feel the same way.

Although today many varieties of modak such as fried modak, chocolate modak are available, most of us still long for ‘ukadiche modak’. Ukadiche modak is well suited for a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet.


Your booked Ukadiche Modak will be available early morning on 22nd August 2020.

Home Delivery is not possible so kind request to you to pick up the modaks on that day.

If you want any numbers of modak separately packed then please generate separate order for that quantity. Otherwise we will pack the modak as per available boxes.

No refunds or replacements for Modak order which is not picked up. We will keep aside your order till 6 in the evening on the day of 22nd August.

There is scarcity of skilled labour for modak during Ganapati Festival, to compensate that expenses the Modak price is raised slightly only for the festival. Thank you for the cooperation.