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Muramba and Chunda

Ruchkar Chunda and Ruchkar Muramba It's the beginning of summer! Raw mangoes are available in the market. Some of you have started preparing various side dishes such as ‘methamba’ (mangoes with fenugreek) or ‘kairichi daal’ or 'ambe daal' (gram daal with raw mangoes) using them. But kids look forward to ‘Ambyacha Moramba’, while some like spicy-n-salty ‘Chunda’. Instead of hunting for a muramba or chunda recipe now, give Ruchkar Muramba and Ruchkar Chunda a chance to please your young one's today.  Ruchkar Muramba Muramba is a preserve made from mangoes and sugar syrup. Needless to say, a good variety of mango makes a tasty preserve. Ruchkar Muramba is made from famous and delicious Rajapuri mangoes. What makes Rajapuri mangoes the best...

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