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Sev Tikhat Bhajani 250g pkt

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We are proud that our Sev has a unique taste. Besan is a common ingredient of Sev but we add special masala to it & give it ultimate taste. We make sure that the spiciness can be enjoyed by children and aged as well.

Sev looks like fried noodles, medium thick & red in color due to use of Kashmiri red chilli. Treat your guests with a bowl of Sev along with Tea, Coffee or any Cold drink.

Many have tried it with finely chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves & a dash of lemon. Trust me you will enjoy this “Sev Bhel“ like preparation. Use it as topping on Kande Pohe, Upma or any such soft in texture dish to add tasty crispiness.

Packed conveniently in 250 gram or 500 gram or 1 Kilo pack.