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Mahalaxmi Chivda 250g

Mahalaxmi Chivda 250g

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Specially formulated masala of Kolhapur region is used in making of this Chivda. No Diwali menu is complete without Chivda. Seems very easy to make but requires precise and quick actions to have a perfect blend. We ensure our Chivda is perfectly blended, neither too sweet nor spicy but definitely crunchy. Enjoy the “Kurrum Kurrum” sound when you take a bite at it.

This is because of fluffed rice. Rice poha is fluffed by quick and high flame frying ensuring oil is not absorbed in the grain but the grains are fluffed. Then specially formulated masala is quickly added & blended well.

Adding Chivda to Kande pohe is enjoyed by many. Many have tried it with finely chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves & a dash of lemon. Trust us you will enjoy this “Chivda Bhel“ like preparation but you need to be quick to have it before it goes soft and before it gets over!

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