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Churma laddu for healthy diet.

Although Churma ladu originated in Rajasthan, a state in India, it has become popular all over India. Hence at Ruchkar, we prepare them for our customers. Ruchkar Churma ladu are available in boxes of 6 ladus. These ladus have a shelf life of approximately a month. Since these ladus are relatively brittle, we recommend them for pick-up only. But if you need them to be sent by courier services, we are happy to do that too.

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Methiche ladoo, the traditional energy bites.

Methiche ladoo are well-suited for all family members. Our Methi ladoo are made exactly like our Ajji (grandma) used to make - using pure cow ghee. Methi ladoo available all through the year. Ajji’s recipe is so amazing that our Methi ladoo is not much bitter.

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